Zoe Ligon - Other Nature

Self-taught collage artist Zoe Ligon needs only an X-Acto knife and stacks of old magazines to create her playful and erotic collages. With a BS in Psychology and a background as a sex educator, her work challenges viewer’s perceptions of women’s bodies. In the past year her illustrations opened a TIME article on the recent surge of powerful teenage heroines in recent blockbuster cinema. Her ideas peel away at the stigma of sexual representation, transforming bygone ideals into something more positive, with aims to inspire a giggle and praise the human body.

The collection of work featured in Other Nature was created during a two month artist residency at Detroit’s North End Studios where the pieces initially premiered in November. Other Nature is dedicated to Zoe’s father, Walter Ligon, an enthusiastic fan and supporter of his daughter’s work, who passed away shortly before the show opened.