Stream Gallery presents “Closed-Open,” a two person exhibition with works by Sophia Park and Ana Lieberman, on view from February 5, 2015 – February 17, 2015. 

Ana Lieberman aka Rivers Crush uses color/light to narrate both physicality and energetics in each composition. Queer-bodied super-hero sex avatars influenced by cyborg pornography, club photography, selfies, and dreams pose as harbingers of freedom. The stories depicted draw from the mythologies of all hemispheres and nod toward the omnisexual/transsexual nation. 

Sophia Park is a metal artist who uses the human body as a base to create wearable sculptures with elements of science fiction and fantasy. Her most recent series, “Soft,” is an exploration of the paradoxical liberation born from restraint. "The cage restricts growth physically to an organ that is most valued at its maximum ample state. The cock is naturally soft throughout the day, yet subjected to the burden of growing on command. Men are taught to grow while women are taught to shrink, but inverting these norms may bring about release. While growth expectations are natural in a cock, words like “erectile dysfunction” and “impotence” have little positive effect, but for the sales of drugs like Viagra. My work is about appreciating the cock in its neutral state. I want to challenge the presence of the cock and cage it in order to set it free."