Meriem Bennani's Fardaous Funjab

WITCHES Artist Residency Exhibition

Sunday, April 26th, 6-8pm

Meriem Bennani presents 2 episodes from a reality TV show documenting the life of Fardaous Funjab, the avant-garde Moroccan Hijab designer. In 2014, Bennani spent 2 months filming moments of the designer's life. She watched her explore creative solutions for eyebrow underlining, tan through a mesh swim suit and play mini golf in a hijab themed course. The project explores the encounter of fashion and religion with a focus on the aesthetics of sexuality/sexiness in a contemporary Muslim context. Bennani is interested in reappropriating tropes and questioning systems of representation through a strategy of magical realism and humor as an unreliable pacifier.

Stream Gallery
1196 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn NY

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In January 2015, the WITCHES Artist Residency began at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey. The three-month collaboration with Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation (ESKFF) is culminating in a month-long rotating exhibition in Brooklyn. Throughout April, the six female artists-in-residence will inhabit Stream Gallery, presenting new work they created in Jersey City. Film screenings, performances, and abbreviated solo exhibitions will inhabit the intimate space through April 26th. 

WITCHES is a creative agency based in Bushwick, NY, specializing in event production and creative management. By providing platforms for emerging artists and creatives to explore their voice through multiple mediums and projects, WITCHES creates sustainable systems for artists to work within.