A terminal is both a means of interfacing and the mark of a definitive ending point. This is an idea that artist Kip Davis presents in his debut solo exhibition at Stream Gallery. The multimedia installation, Terminal, consisting of both video works and light sculptures, functions as a reminder that all things are fleeting, transient and cyclical.

The exhibition’s centerpiece is a video installation using footage shot by Davis during Bushwick dance collective Fluct’s performance at Miami Art Basel, manipulated and distorted in post-production. The video is presented in a monolithic black Macintosh, on a pedestal in the center of a digital temple. Meanwhile the outdated technology the video processes through is yet another reminder of inevitable obsolescence. Accompanying the exhibition is a ten-minute audio soundscape created by producer and musician Malory Butler. 

The Bushwick art community prompted the inception of Terminal, which Davis intends to function as a temporary altar to the people, talents, and ideas with which the gallery ‘interfaces’.