Stream Gallery presents Heather Benjamin's "Hard Feeling Girl"

September 18—20

Opening reception / Friday, Sept 18th, 8pm-11pm

Stream Gallery
1196 Myrtle Ave

“Hard Feeling Girl” is an exhibit showcasing recent drawings and prints by Heather Benjamin. The majority of this work was created to be a part of Benjamin’s most recent self-published book of drawings, entitled “Romantic Story”, which will debut at the opening reception of the show. Throughout the body of images, the strands of a surreal and innately feminine narrative take shape, both within the confines of each individual picture as well as through their relationships to each other. Benjamin’s work in the past has explored the abject qualities of female sexuality, emotion, and trauma. With “Hard Feeling Girl” and “Romantic Story”, Benjamin continues to examine the female experience, through fluctuating lenses of furious resilience and submissive sentimentality.

About Heather Benjamin
Heather Benjamin has been self-publishing zines and books of her drawings since 2008. She primarily makes work concerning the experience of being a woman, addressing anxiety, manic emotion, self-perception, and sexuality through a decidedly female perspective. She is currently based out of Providence, Rhode Island.